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Every so often you will find some mention or some coverage of the world of psychics or psychic phenomenon. For instance, the most recent case I saw was a video from OnionNews network’s website. I love Onion news and if you don’t know what they are, I’ll tell you. They do fake news. That’s all it is, in short. But it’s very funny because their format and style is same as real news, but the content is made up. They pretty much make fun of the way we Americans are. It is parody.

So one of my favorite video segments there is the one that is kind of like a talk show. Well, recently they had a psychic on who could be the medium for people who died who you were not that close to. So instead of the normal “channel someone close to you who has died,” they have this supposed psychic dude doing small talk to the audience members as if they would have such a conversation with someone like that. Very funny. I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyway, one of the not-so-subtle messages of it is that people are suckers when it comes to these televised psychics who pretend to channel dead people. They are pretty much saying, “hey, if you have clairvoyant powers and can connect to dead people, then why not do it with all kinds of spirits?” Naturally, the defenders of the mystical world would argue that psychics can only sense the people close to the audience members as that emotional energy is the strongest. To some extent that makes some sense.